This website is almost embarrassingly out of date. Too bad I don’t get embarrassed easily. Come back on 2/2 to see new work. In the meantime keep up to date with what I’m doing on twitter and instagram.

Orange Pinky

orange pinky

Promotional Items

My left pinky nail has been painted orange for the past six years. It is now my signature mark and has evolved into my self-identity as a designer.

In the summer of 2008 I took this picture on the last day of my first design internship, in Seattle. The image was an homage to DOE and the incredible opportunity I was given to start my career in design. Peace signs, love from the other washington, and an orange pinky.

The hand is also the letter ‘K’ in sign language and the inverse is the letter ‘P’; forming my initials. This promotional project brought all the elements of my hand and design sensibilities together  in the form of business cards, buttons and limited posters that were hand-painted with my signature nail polish.

Command X

Prince Logo and Identity

About Command X
Command X, produced by Bonnie Siegler of Eight and a Half and hosted by Matteo Bologna of Mucca Design, is a design reality show that takes place at the biennial AIGA Design Conference. Seven emerging designers, all under the age of 27, complete challenges and present their solutions live on stage in front of 1,800 peers, heroes and potential employers. Throughout the intense three days of the competition, Sean Adams of AdamsMorioka acts as our very own “Tim Gunn.”

Read an interview about my experience at CX4 >>

Day 1
For the first challenge, each designer presents his or her redesign of Prince’s logo, live on stage to the audience. After the audience votes, two contestants are eliminated and the remaining five are given their next challenge, to be completed in less than 24 hours!


Jump to 13:15 to hear my explanation for the redesign of Prince’s logo and identity. 

Day 2
Sean Adams checks in on the contestants and their mentors as they tackle the second challenge of the competition. The five remaining contestants—Joey Cofone, Kaleena Porter, Lindsay Quinter, Tori Thomas and Cate White—then present their solutions for a packaging redesign for Land O’Lakes butter. Matteo Bologna returns as emcee along with the AIGA Medalist mentors Jessica HelfandJennifer MorlaLucille TenazasMichael Vanderbyl and Rick Valicenti.

Land O Lakes Redesign feat Prince

Jump to the 18:00 minute mark for my presentation/thought process behind the Land O’ Lakes butter package redesign.

I didn’t win the CX4 title but I hope I won the heart of Prince. Thanks to everyone at the conference for all of your love. Each one of you had a hand in my fabulous experience. So, in my head I win. #hhh2013

Plus I got a pretty great tweet from Michael Bierut of Pentagram. No complaints here.

Michael Bierut Tweet

Beuchert’s Saloon

Launch Site >>

Beuchert’s Saloon is a neighborhood restaurant and bar in Capitol Hill. The original Beuchert’s Saloon was founded in this same location in 1880 by John Ignatius Beuchert. The identity is a reflection of the restaurant’s modern environment while also staying true to the incredible history of the building.

WABA Cider Ride

WABA_cider-ride_poster WABA_cider-ride_vertical

Poster and online web graphics for the Washington Area Bicycle Association’s first Cider Ride.

ADCMW Annual Show

62nd ADCMW Annual Show

62nd ADCMW Annual Show

62nd ADCMW Annual Show

Meet the Judges Invite

Meet the Judges Invite

Collateral for the ADCMW Annual Award Show. What better way to catch the attention of every designer then by making fun of them. In all seriousness, this design ended up winning it’s own awards and that’s all that really matters.

*Designed at The General Design Company

The Mixtape Club

Kiss & Kill

The Mixtape Club is an organization dedicated to the art of the mixtape. Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers. The projejct is conceived, designed, curated, written and maintained by Butter (Brian Thomas), who is both a dj and a designer.

I am merely a proud supporter and contributor. “Kiss & Kill” is my contribution for Session 016.

Launch Mixtape >>

Pepe Food Truck

Pepe Food Truck - Logo Design

Pepe Food Truck Stickers - Logo Design

Logo design for the Pepe food truck in Washington DC.
For a taste, follow the truck on twitter:

*Designed while at The General Design Company



Graffiato Chalkboard

Graffiato Menu



Photos by: Greg Powers


Launch site>>

Graffiato is Chef Mike Isabella’s first restaurant after being on Bravo’s Top Chef. With no bias, it is personally one of my favorite restaurant’s in DC. I only let Mike call me sunshine, the perks of working in the restaurant industry.

*Designed at The General Design Company

Rogue 24

R24 Collateral

R24 Menu

R24 uniforms

Photos by: Greg Powers

“Rogue 24 is all about the unexpected, from its location—a sleek dining room hiding in an industrial alley—to James Beard Foundation Award winning chef R.J. Cooper’s wildly imaginative dishes and the theater-like setup where the kitchen acts as a culinary stage. His vision is to remove traditional barriers of fine dining and provide an experience of interaction at dazzles the senses.”

*Designed at The General Design Company

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Logo and Icons

Sticky Fingers Storefront

Sticky Fingers Apron

Sticky Fingers Packaging

Sticky Fingers Mugs & Brochures

Sticky Fingers Business Cards


Sticky Fingers web homepage

Rebrand and identity for Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats, formerly known as ‘Sticky Fingers Bakery’, an award-winning vegan bakery and cafe in Washington DC.

*Designed while at The General Design Company

Various Logos

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Sweets & EatsVegan Bakery & Cafe*

Beuchert's Saloon

Beuchert’s Saloon | Restaurant in Capitol Hill

Rogue 24

Rogue 24Restaurant by Chef RJ Cooper*


GraffiatoRestaurant by Chef Mike Isabella*


PepeFood Truck by Jose Andres*

America Eats

America Eats TavernRestaurant by Jose Andres*

Pinups for Pitbulls

Pinups for PitbullsA non-profit organization with a mission to reestablish the defamed reputation of pit bull-type dogs as America’s premier companion animal, war hero and therapy dog*

The Doerrer Group

The Doerrer GroupConsulting Firm in the greater DC Metro area*

Suzy Allman

Suzy AllmanNew York based editorial photographer

Michael Bonfigli

Michael BonfigliWashington DC based photo journalist*

Day of the Dead

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana (Day of the Dead Festival)  |   A  José Andrés restaurant in DC*

*Designed while at The General Design Company

Oyamel’s Day of the Dead





Oyamel Cocina Mexicana is a restaurant located in the Penn Quarter of Washington DC. Oyamel combines Mexico’s rich regional diversity with the modern urban atmosphere of Mexico City. Every year they celebrate the Day of the Dead Festival with delicious cuisine to entertain the living & honor the dead.

*Designed at The General Design Company

The Garden Party

Cigarette Invitation

an ly



Christian Brady

Third Channel: Jason Hutto and Ben Licciardi

: Ben Brown, Drew Hagelin, Jonathan Howard, Richard Howard, Evan Napala, Johnny Ward



Cigarette Poster

I curated a house show that featured local DC bands. As a part of the show, personalized invites were handed out as an alternative to the traditional flyer. The show took place in an intimate outdoor space that was designed as a garden setting to fit the venue “Orange Pinky.”

Flowers & event set-up with the help of An Ly.

DC Shoes™ Snowboards

2010 DC snow catalog

DC BFT snowboard

DC Snowboard Line 2010
Designed with Dept of Energy (DOE)

Shown here is the design for the BFT series, inspired by DC’s famous pill pattern. I was lucky enough to work on the production of the entire 2010 line and quickly learned the ropes of designing snowboard graphics. It was my first real-world experience as a designer and I will never forget it.


The General Design Company Homepage

General Info



Launch site>>

*Designed while at The General Design Company



Launch site>>

Amaryllis, Inc. is a premiere floral and event design studio that started in 1989. After a refresh to their brand, the website also was updated with a new look that represents Amaryllis and their unique approach that makes them a leader in their industry.  

*Designed while at The General Design Company

Atlas Arts

Atlas Arts Website

Launch site >>

*Designed while at The General Design Company

The Palisades

Launch site >>

*Designed with RP3 Agency